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The Salento, a land of great hospitality, land of happy people, a land of treasures to be discovered, welcomes its visitors in a climate of great and prolonged feast, giving them plenty of opportunities for recreation and fun, but above all cultural enrichment.

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During the day, plenty of proposals of nature and culture: horseback ridings, a visit to the lakes on foot or by canoe, where fans can also make bird watching, or even a visit to the magical Cathedral of Otranto, with its vast mosaic floor that covers the history of humanity, or a visit to the Castle, which this year hosts several events, the exhibition of Andy Warhol, titled “I want to be a machine”. Among the most important cultural events of Otranto, we also remember the Medieval Days (June) and the Fund Otranto Film Festival (September).

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Finally, it is worth mentioning La Notte della Taranta, the touring festival of popular music that take place in August, stopping in the countries of Greek, culminating in a wonderful setting of Melpignano for the final concert. It is a great party all night long, where the Orchestra Popolare Notte della Taranta, the first ensemble of folk music born in our country, superbly conducted by Goran Bregovic, performs in the masterpieces of “pizzica” with the help of greater local musicians and international special guests (in the past editions attended by, among others, the likes of Gianna Nannini, Carmen Consoli, Morgan, Massimo Ranieri, Stuart Copeland, Francesco de Gregori, Franco Battiato and Sud Sound System).

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The numerous festivals, which take place in all the small towns from June to September, whet the appetite and the soul, inviting not only to taste many “local products”, but above all to savor the spirit, to know the tradition, to share the story and ritual. The most renowned and popular is certainly the festival of "Municeddhra" (a typical snail) in Cannole, an event of national fame now, which takes place every year in August, just 7 km from Fontanelle. The Salento holds a different festival every day, and every village opens its doors to travelers, happy to be visited and discovered. It will be nice to know customs and traditions of Greek Salento, a group of countries that from Alimini lakes comes to the ends of Lecce, and keeps alive its Greek origins, in speech as in the culinary tradition (visitors in early August, for example, we recommend the Rite of Scèblasti, in Zollino).

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In Salento worth visiting the plenty of festivals, with their colorful illuminations, fireworks at midnight, the stalls, the extraordinary atmosphere, concerts, and processions accompanied by the bands in celebration. That dedicated to the Martyrs of Otranto (August 14-15) who are also the protagonists of our rooms, is certainly one of the most beautiful, thanks to the presence of the sea, reflecting the colorful lights. But for the visitors of June is almost a must to stop at the Feast of St. Peter and Paul, the feast of Otranto, which on 28th and 29th June, colors and animates the historical center with concerts, food stands, exhibitions and also with the delicious “finger food” ( the omnipresent pittule, fried fish, sandwiches and horse meat with the sauce).

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