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Each farmhouse that can be defined in this way, has its roots in the land: that is, on a farm, working tirelessly throughout the year, following the seasons and peeping between the tantrums and the magic of Mother Nature.

The agricultural Fontanelle, who is the result of inheritance, has about 20 hectares of land, of which 5 are grown for seed, 3 to nursery mother plant of vine, 2 vegetables, citrus and orchard, 6 to olive grove and the rest is divided between pine forest and Mediterranean scrub. Every year we produce fruit and vegetables, vines ready grafting, olive oil and flour of various types.

Look at the ground reminding every day as it is at the origin of the world. Cultivating the land is always a gamble, it is a little like to tempt fate, it is to insist against the unknown and the unexpected; it is the patience to instill life into a creature that will govern alone without protection, without absolute control. But when you touch it with your hand or you can savor a fruit grown and matured over time, even when you only fondle a shoot, at that time the land ceased to be a daughter and it returns to be a mother, and we return the children of the Great Mother, who embraces, involves and overwhelms anyone who knows her.

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