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When the traveler sat down on the sand and said: “there is nothing else to see”, he knew that it was not true. Need to see what you have not seen, see again what you have already seen, to see in spring what you have seen in summer, to see in the morning what you have seen at night, with the sun ,where the first time it rained, see the green harvests, the ripe fruit, the stone that has changed its place, the shadow that was not there…

(Josè Saramago)

Once Upon a Time a dream.

... It was a man’s dream, it has become our dream. The foliage of white oleanders, the strong pine trees, the palm trees and the sinuous olive trees are its background and the its essence. Our hope is to make it happen every day, welcoming you as we can do, with professional competence and delicacy of feeling, looking at you like hungry travelers, and taking from your experience what is still missing. Offering calm and stimuli, peace and imagination, genuineness and cheerfulness, silence and sweet sounds, those of the nature.
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SalentoThe Salento, a land of great hospitality, land of happy people, a land of treasures to be discovered, welcomes its visitors in a climate of great and prolonged feast, giving them plenty of opportunities for recreation and fun, but above all cultural enrichment.



28-29 GIUGNO: Sagra del centro storico - Otranto

15-18 SETTEMBRE: OTRANTO FILM FUND FESTIVAL, negli spazi di Porta Alfonsina e Castello Aragonese

11 GIUGNO - 24 SETTEMBRE: Mostra "Caravaggio e i Caravaggeschi nell'Italia Meridionale" - Castello Aragonese


Fontanelle Social